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This interdisciplinary concert features new hip-hop with live experimental jazz (featuring professor Karlton Hester and Hesterian Musicism), innovative video from Peru, and West African dance.

The UCSC Music Department offers an extraordinary program of western and world musics, with theoretical rigor and a wealth of performing opportunities.  Students can join any of 19 ensembles and apply for a wide variety of scholarships.  Listen to performances, hear current student stories, learn more about our faculty, and apply to our program!

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Will is working toward a B.A., emphasis in guitar

What initally drew you to the Music Department at UC Santa Cruz?

I entered UCSC in an ENVS track, but then became a music major shortly after signing up for Music 15 as a General Education Course. Having never learned musical notation, I was fascinated by the logical frameworks behind harmony. I was then told that Music 30 was "the next step" following Music 15 and showed up on the first day unaware that I had to learn a... [more]

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